Copper pcb

Our capabilities for the manufacture of printed circuit boards

Layers 1-20 layers
Board material FR4, Aluminium Base, High Frequency, PTFE, Thick Copper,
Rogers, Polyimide Flexible Circuits.
Finished Rigid PCB Thickness 0.20mm – 8.00mm
Maximum PCB size 1200mm x 550mm
Max copper thickness 12 Ounce (420 microns)
Min Track / Gap 0.075mm / 0.075mm
Min BGA Pitch 0.40mm
Min BGA Diameter    0.1778mm
Min finished hole size 0.15mm
Max aspect ratio 16:1
Min PTH via / Pad Size 0.20mm / 0.40mm
Surface Treatment ENIG – Lead Free HASL – Immersion Silver – Immersion Tin – OSP – Hard Gold Plating – Carbon Ink
Outline tolerance +/-0.10mm
Smallest Drilled Hole Size 0.15mm
Minimum Soldermask Bridge 0.09mm (0.0035”)
Soldermask Colours  Green -  Blue - Black -  White - Red – Purple – Yellow – Transparent
Silkscreen Colour  White – Yellow – Black

PCB finishes

  • (Hot Air Solder Level (HASL)
  • Immersion Silver
  • Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG)
  • Immersion Gold (ISIG)
  • Electrolytic Nickel Electrolytic Gold (Hard Gold)
  • Organic Solderability Preservatives (OSP)
  • Carbon Ink
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Red

PCB Materials

  • FR4
  • High TG FR4
  • Polyimide
  • Rogers
  • Arlon
  • Taconic
  • Metal Backed
  • Ceramic

B2M Technology Limited
Unit 7,
Markham Vale Environmental Centre,
Markham Lane,
S44 5HY

With over 30 years of PCB supply chain experience, we provide an efficient, cost effective service that deliver the highest reliability PCB products to customers faster.

  • Multi-layered
  • High TG FR4, Polyimide, Rogers
  • Arlon, Taconic, Metal Backed
  • Ceramic

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